Letter From AWC President

As Girl Scouts, we enjoyed standing together in a circle singing a song that began, “Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold.”

When people arrived, they hurried to join the circle of singers. We sang the song in rounds. This created beautiful harmony and variety. It was fun!  The song ended with “one is silver and the other is gold."

I have made so many friends through the Annapolis Watercolor Club. You will also when you share your time and talents with us. Who knows what 2022 will look like--- but it will be  easier and more fun to go through it together! If you missed our last Flash Zoom meeting on October 18 about joining one of our teams, please attend the next AWC monthly Zoom meeting on November 10, or reach out to Juanita Green and she will fill you in!  (Juanita - juanitagreen640@yahoo.com)

Silver or gold?

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November 10 - Zoom Meeting
(You will receive an email invite with a Zoom link
the morning of November 10)

6:30 pm  Connie Robinson presents Our Members Art Salon

7:00 pm  President, Linda Luke, gives AWC updates

7:15 pm   Live Art Demonstration with Laurin McCracken


Our demonstrator will be a remarkable photo-realist watercolor artist from Mississippi.  Laurin McCracken combines many of the skills he learned as an architect with his experiences of studying art history, drawing, taking photographs and visiting many of the world’s leading museums to use as a watercolorist.  His paintings have been included in multiple shows in China and included in many publications, both national and international.

From his artist's statement:

I am a realist watercolorist whose work is largely influenced by the Dutch and Flemish Still Life painters of the 16th and 17th Centuries.

Welcome Back
By Popular Demand

for a Fearless Two-Day Workshop

November 15th & 16th, 2021
TIME:  9:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST
Members:  $155.00 / Non-members $175.00
On-Line Worksh

Title:  Remove the Fear of Painting with Watercolor

Day One:  Enjoy painting the beautiful fall colors of a
New England landscape

Day Two:  Enjoy painting a boat on the open water

Click on the link below to register and pay for Mick's workshop:  

You will receive your supply list and photos for the workshop
shortly after registering.
The Zoom Link will be emailed to you the night before class.
Any questions please contact Juanita Green @ Juanitagreen640@yahoo.com or call 443-822-5916 and leave a message. 

Thank You Michael Holter

We enjoyed your art demonstration last month at our October AWC meeting, more than you know!  It was so instructive, no one wanted to leave the Zoom session.  Thank you for sharing a lifetime of painting and teaching experience.

Important Notice For
Art Salon

Our new Art Salon host, Andrea Naft, has a family health issue, and had to go out of town.  This month, 
please email your painting .jpgs for the Zoom Art Salon to our former host, Connie Robinson, at constancejr@comcast.net

Include the TITLE and SIZE, with a short back story.   Please have your paintings to Connie no later than Sunday, November 7. 


We hope to roll out a redesigned website this month with membership management through Wild Apricot.  At that time, all members will receive an email with instructions on logging in and accessing their membership information.  You will be able to check your membership status, pay dues, and register for AWC events through the membership portal.  You will also be able to find a list of fellow members and contact them through the application, but your personal information, including email address, phone number, and street address will never be displayed and will remain accessible only to a few board members who serve as administrators.  As a reminder, AWC dues are not due until the end of December.

The appearance of the website will change, but I hope you will find it easy to navigate and find information on upcoming events, current newsletter, and calendar of events.  Please feel free to contact me with any comments or suggestions. 410-456-2560 cell, lizgrimes@comcast.net

  Liz Grimes, AWC webmaster



Our exhibit at the MC3 Gallery in Annapolis was well received with some sales.

The award winners were Lisa McKnight, first place for "Sherpani Strong," Annette Uroskie, second place for "Dragonfly Fantasy,” and  Kris Angelis, third place for "Peek-a-Boo." There were two honorable mentions: Shirley Hales for "Buoys IV" and Lisa McKnight for "Window of Perseverance." The People’s Choice was awarded to Nancy Flack for "Sisters.”

Our thanks to the MC3 staff, especially Mattie Fenton, to our two judges, First Lady Yumi Hogan and Sunhee Jung, to the MC3 Dance Company for their performance at our festive reception and to our many members who volunteered behind the scenes. The exhibit ended on October 29th.

Attendees: Connie Robinson - Joan Machinchick (Exhibit Chair) - Carol Durr (photo by Bill Durr)


Our exhibit at Ginger Cove is being enjoyed by the residents and there have been several sales. Our thanks to Mary Kay Honeycutt, Judy Kelly, Pera Fisher, Grace Stark and the entire art committee who did their usual perfect job of installation.

This exhibit will be available for viewing until December 3rd. Ginger Cove is a private residence  but if you wish to visit the exhibit, you're welcome to come in, along with your friends. There is parking available in the circle by the front entrance as well as across the street. Come in the front door and stop at the desk for directions to the gallery if you haven't been there before. Please remember to wear a mask while you're inside the building.

Pick up will be on Friday, December 3, between 9:00 and 10:00 am.


March 2022 seems to be a long time from now. We haven't even begun autumn 2021 and we still have the winter holidays to plan and enjoy, but it's not too soon to plan for our exhibit at Quiet Waters Park, March 30 to May 8, 2022. We will exhibit in both the Willow and Garden Galleries and there is room for about 100 paintings. All paintings entered will be exhibited and a juror will select award winners. There is room for matted originals and giclée reproductions in several bins. The Friends of Quiet Waters Park take a 25 % commission on all sales. 


September 5 to October 15, 2022, we have been invited to once again exhibit at the Wimsey Cove Gallery, near West Street and Chinquapin Round Road in Annapolis. More details will come later.


October 9 to December 3, 2021 -- exhibit at Ginger Cove

December 3, 2021 -- pick up from Ginger Cove, 9:00 - 10:00 am

March 30 to May 8, 2022 -- exhibit at Quiet Waters Park (details to be announced)

September 5 to October 15, 2022 -- exhibit at Wimsey Cove (details to be announced)

Exhibits Chair, Joan Machinchick


Our AWC President, Linda Luke, will have her art work shown at the Waterfowl Festival in historic Easton Maryland from November 12-14.  Also at the same location, is AWC member, Stacey Sass, exhibiting her paintings (see sample on right.) Stop by their booths and say hello!

FREE Venue – No ticket required
Location: Easton Middle School, 210 Peachblossom Rd.
Exhibit Hours:  Friday & Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Sunday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Sunshine Club

As Summer flies by we look forward to cooler days and getting together on Zoom (at least) for our general meetings and demonstrations.

We trust that our Annapolis Water Club members are fit and happy but if you know of anyone in the Club who is now or has been previously seriously ill,  or has experienced a life changing event or bereavement, please let us know.   The Sunshine Club exists so that we can email members a line of encouragement with a Jacquie Lawson virtual card.  

Please email June Poole at AWCSunshine@gmail.com with the recipient’s name, email address and reason for the card and a virtual card will be sent.

June Poole, Sunshine Club Chair



One of the 177 AWC members must be very interested in this fun volunteer position.

Duties Include

-  Email reminder to the board about the upcoming board meeting held the first Thursday of each month, and ask who is attending.

-  Include the minutes from the previous board meeting, along with the agenda for the next Thursday meeting. 

-  The morning of the meeting, email the Zoom link to the Board with reminder.

-  Record brief minutes from the meeting: old business and new business. 

-  Email the minutes to the president the following day.

-  Email the AWC newsletter editor an updated calendar each month by 25th.

This is an executive position and you would have "voting" privileges at meetings.

If interested, we need someone to start at the December 2nd Board Meeting. You will be mentored, and sent sample minutes and calendar.  You would be invited to attend the Thursday, November 4th, Board Meeting to learn the process from our current acting secretary, Theresa Jackson.

Email Linda Luke with your questions and volunteer lindalukewatercolor@gmail.com

Special Painting Exhibit Opportunity (reminder)

Joe Thompson will be the Director of “The Lost Boy” production opening in January at The Colonial Players Theater in Annapolis.  He posted this offer on his Facebook Page.

So, as some of you may know I will be directing a play at Colonial Players that will open in January. It is about J. M. Barre writing Peter Pan. I am thinking of augmenting the show with illustrations of Peter Pan from artists in the community. If you are an artist and would be willing to do an illustration for the show would you indicate that willingness. If you are not an artist, but know an artist, would you forward this to them. They would be projected on the walls during the play and could be displayed in the lobby. At the end of the production we might be able to auction them off for a good cause. Or, you could have them back.

If interested, you can email Joe at joethomp@gmail.com


Message from owner, Skye Vasquez, on Facebook:
Hi everyone. As you all know the pandemic hit Art Things hard. We love our new location inside of Maryland Hall, but during the first few months of moving we struggled to figure out a way forward for the store. During that time I got a 9-5 day job to try and keep the bills paid and worked behind the scenes on all the backend parts of keeping a retail shop running. That left Kim in charge of being in the store and running the day to day. Kim has always been the smiling face, warm heart and helpful spirit of the store.

That being said, when Kim had a family emergency the store needed to close. After many long conversations Kim and I are still not sure exactly what the best way forward would be. I have received offers to purchase the store but the offers would all involve the store closing its doors and reopening as something closer to Michaels than a small local art shop where information and friendship were just as important as what was on the shelves. So far I have refused those offers in hopes that there was a way forward for the store that would keep the doors open to the community with everything we love about Art Things intact.

For now the future of Art Things is uncertain but Kim and I remain committed to preserving it. Thank you so much for your continued support of Art Things!

More Opportunities For Artists

There are places nearby where you may have an opportunity to show your work.  Many of our AWC members are aware of these venues; but, some NEW members may not be aware.  Here are some:

Contact: Director, Deborah Gangloff  410-867-4486 

emaill: averyhouseadmin@verizon.net web: captainaverymuseum.org  

1418 East West Shady Side Road, Shady Side, 20764

January through February they have a weekly “Lecture and Lunch” series.  These are good months for visitors to see your work in a large main hall and side rooms off the museum. Actually, they have many activities in the main room---receptions, classes, and concerts.  They take 30% of sales.

919 West St, 21401

Visit the Maryland Federation of Art web site, and sign up to participate in showing at Paul’s Homewood Café on West Street.  MFA organizes the exhibits. The deadline for this year was September 29.   But, you can visit the MFA web site and sign up to participate in future shows at  Paul’s Homewood Café. They  have announcements throughout the year.  Members of MFA receive 70% of the sale at Paul’s. For more details: https://mdfedart.com/portfolio/233/

914 Bay Ridge Rd, 21403

Contact Kathy Campenni, 410-626-0388 ext. 4.
Exhibit months are available after February 2022.  No percentage of sales are taken. 
“We want to promote artists in the area.” - Kath Campenni

NOTE:  Linda Luke will be exhibiting 30 of her paintings at M&M Dec 2021 through Feb 2022.  More details in the December Newsletter.


A friend of mine is opening an AirBnB in a few months on West Street close to Paul's Homewood Cafe' and is asking if any of the artists in the AWC would like to exhibit up to FOUR paintings of various sizes on her walls to show and sell to visitors.  She would only take 20% of the selling price. It is a win/win situation  She will have beautiful art to hang in the apartment, and the artist can make a sale!  The duration of the hanging is up to the artists.  Listing of art titles, price, and artist's contact information could be on a printed form available to visitors. 

If you would like to consult with her about the wall space and meet with her to work out further details---please contact Grace Finnegan at 443-454-3040 or  finny42@verizon.net

By Connie Robinson


If you want to pursue the opportunity of showing and selling your art in other AirBnBs, here is a link to 14 of the best ones!  https://www.jonesaroundtheworld.com/best-airbnb-annapolis-maryland/

Annapolis Light House Shelter Donations

Each Holiday Season the AWC members make donations to the Light House shelter in Annapolis to help this worthwhile organization which helps individuals and families dealing with difficult financial hardships.  They offer shelter, food, job training, and counseling.

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, we cannot gather and collect art supplies to give the shelter.  But, here are other ways you can help. 

Go to their web site and see what they NEED, or make a DONATION.  https://annapolislighthouse.org/get-involved/needs/

According to Sarah E. Ryan, Volunteer Programs Administrator, The Light House Shelter would love to have DONATIONS of framed art work to brighten their walls.  If you are interested in gifting a painting, please call her at 443-569-4211  She will give you a donation/receipt form for your records.  Have a photo taken of YOU with your painting and send it to me for publishing in our newsletter.

Submitted by Terri Allen-Jackson, Acting Secretary
(click here to print copy)



4       7:00 pm Board Meeting
8       Paintings due to Connie
10     6:30 pm Art Salon
        7:00 pm General Meeting
         7:15 pm Art Demonstration by             Laurin McCracken


2       7:00 pm Board Meeting
6  Paintings due to Andrea
8       6:30 pm Art Salon  
                            7:00 pm General Meeting                     7:15 pm Art Demonstration by             Russell Jewell


2021   Ginger Cove Exhibit
Receiving Art: October 8
Exhibit: October 9 to December 2 
Pick up art December 3

2022   Quiet Waters Exhibit
Publicity Deadline: February 1
Installation: March 29
Exhibit: March 30 to May 8
Pick up: May 9

2022   Wimsey Cove Exhibit
(details later)
Exhibit: Sept. 5 to Oct. 15

Treasurer's Report

As of October 18, 2021, AWC’s accounts are as follows:

Checking: $5,713.95

Savings: $11,238.90

Total $16,952.85

Sheryl Paris


As a reminder, our membership year runs from January to December, and dues are still $35 per year.  As we change over to Wild Apricot membership software, we would appreciate if you could hold off until December 1 to renew.  You will receive an automatic dues reminder from Wild Apricot in December, with instructions on how to pay on-line. We will still accept checks if you prefer; we will include the mailing address at that time.   (Checks should be made out to AWC and mailed to AWC, PO Box 6030, Annapolis, MD 21401).  

If you have already renewed for 2022, that's fine; we are manually entering payments into the database, and once it is on-line, you can check your membership status yourself.  New members can still join at this time for only $15 for the remainder of the year.

Liz Grimes

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Did you read something art related to share? 

Send the article or link to Connie Robinson, Newsletter Editor,

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Joan Machinchick, Exhibits

Juanita Green, Publicity, Program Coordinator, and Plein Air

Liz Grimes, Webmaster

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Richard Schatz, Special Projects 

Terri Allen-Jackson, Acting Secretary

June Poole, Sunshine


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